UPDATE - 8/21/2023 - This site has been dormant for a long time because my web hosting service did not allow me to make changes.  That has been resolved now, and I have a lot of changes to make.  The most interesting thing that has happened is the acquisition of a large hoard of CL72/77 hard to find parts. These came from Gordon Smith, a CL72 collector, who suffered from a long term terminal illness. He called me last year and offered what was left of his collection to me at a very resonable price. Sadly, he died in June 2023. I promised him I would pass these parts on to other Honda CL72/77 enthusists at a resonable price. I have a lot of work ahead of me to catagorize and list the parts on this webesite. Here are some examples ofwhat I have discovered so far.   

Classic honda road racer

I have some very sad news to report. Jim suffered a debilitating stroke that left him confined to a wheel chair. It happened as he was putting the finishing touches on his road racer. Jim's spirit however, has not dampened and he still wants to finish this project. His love for the old Hondas has not deminished and his goal now is to hear it run for the first time. This is an almost impossible task from a wheelchair so Jim is enlisting part time help for his son. Hopefully I'll have some good news to report in the near future and maybe a video with sound. See the in the news archive for more information and pictures.

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This site is dedicated to those glory days in the 1960's when Honda was "a groovy little motorbike" and "more fun that a barrel of monkeys". The big Honda was a 305cc or later a 450cc and the local Honda shop was a place you could stop by anytime just to say hello or swap the latest stories. Santa Clara Honda was a real shop back then and we worked there but spent most of the time laughing and having fun with the bikes we loved.

The purpose of this site is to recapture some of the fun of those days by discussing those great old bikes, offering technical advice, and swapping information and stories. If you ever owned a 60's Honda or are interested in them send us an email. If you ever visited Santa Clara Honda, especially if you ever worked there, we'd really like to hear from you.

Classic honda road racer