Santa Clara Honda is a virtual shop hence it does not have a showroom nor is it our intention to conduct a motorcycle sales business. We are interested in preserving and collecting early Honda motorcycles and enjoy working with them. From time to time we run across "good deals" and end up with more projects than our budget or our time will allow. Projects or barn finds will be listed in the section titled "The Barn". Visitors are welcome to make inquiries regarding these bikes some of which we may be willing to sell and no, we don't think they are made out of gold. It is planned for us to develop the capability to offer custom builds or restorations using either one of our bikes or yours, but we not there yet.

As stated previously, we are interested in the preservation of these great old bikes. Therefore when we see what we think is a worthy project or good deal we will list it here under the "Seen on the Web" section. Visitors are encouraged to email us with anything they may see that they think is a good deal. Please provide a URL or contact information and remember we are focused on Hondas manufactured in 1975 or earlier.

The "Your Bikes" section is where would like to display pictures of your pride and joy (Hondas manufactured in 1975 or earlier). Before and after pictures are good but are not necessary. A short paragraph about the bike (how you got it, where you ride, what makes it special to you, etc) should be included with your emailed pictures. If we get enough good pictures maybe we'll put together a calendar and make it available to our users.

We do not have a "Bikes for Sale" section but if you would like to advertise your 1975 or earlier Honda send us an email with a picture and we will post it for free. It can be a project, restoration, café racer, or anything in between. If we get enough of these we'll add a for sale section.