If you would like to contact any of these Honda enthusiasts and no email is listed, send us an email and we will forward it on.

CR550F CR350

From the CR550F owner, Ernie - "My bike is an CR550F Factory. Based off of a '75 CB550F Supersport. The bike that Honda didn't build. It is built in a manner that would make one believe it is factory built. Down to the wiring harness and bracketry you can't see. I had the vision to build this bike. A local (Seattle) builder (ex socal builder) Robert Kelii built my bike. He brought my vision to reality VERY well. I was looking for something similar to the 1970ish CR750 that Dick Mann and the like rode. Only without the full race fairing. And something Honda could sell in a street legal variation."

The owner of the of the CR350 racer is Stew Ross

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Madison, Wisconsin CB77

From the owner, Dan Coppola - "Just discovered your site and I am impressed with your dedication to 60's and 70's vintage Honda motorcycles. I have recently started a restoration project of a 1966 CB77 Superhawk (which was in running condition until an unfortunate fuel leak ignited a fire on the bike!) and I am in search of a parts bike. The 66 that I have purchased is (was) mechanically sound - engine ran well once carbs were synched and adjusted, transmission ran well, and the frame and engine numbers match."

We hope Dan can get his bike back on the road and are working with him to find parts. If we get an after fire picture we'll post it here so we can help find the parts he needs

Sri Lanka
MrHonda CB77 racer

Finally was able to get some pictures from Wing Commander(Retd)A P Mirando in Sri Lanka. we are trying to assist him in the restoration of his CB77 racer. I believe the bike was orginally owned by his father. In case you are wondering who the Japanese guy is in the first picture it is mister Honda himself. The second picture is of the CB77 production racer that is being restored.

Mountain Garage
CB450 CL72
CB77 Engine Parts

High in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Los Gatos, California is a garage with some very interesting and rare old Hondas. They are the property of a retired physician happily pursuing his hobby. He has a beautifully restored "Black Bomber" and a CL72 that is a work in progress. Also in the queue is a rare example of a bike that change motorcycling forever; a 1961 Super Hawk.

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Monterey Bay
CL's GS Collection

GS Collection

On Monterey Bay is another garage owned by Gordon Smith, a Vietnam vet who remembers those Honda glory days of the 60's by collecting mostly unrestored original CL72's and CL77's. He has a few other models but the CL's are his favorite. Shown on the left is a picture of his 62 CL72 taken back in 1964. When not working on his collection he likes to surf at various locations around the West Coast and Hawaii.

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Kens Bikes

Hello again Jim,
I just checked out your Santa Clara Honda website and thought you might enjoy some shots of a couple of my personal bikes. I built the red bike to play with the folks out here racing in the CB160 based Formula160 class. Those of us 200 lbs. and over can run a 175 to level the playing field a little. It was a $35 basket case when I got it. The blue CL175 belongs to my wife and was a $75 basket case advertised on Craigslist...

Thanks, Bret @ Glass from the Past

Kens Bikes

Hi Jim,
Thanks for the reply. Yes The clutch lever "was" a bit curled, no other scrapes or dings though. Changed it out with a new OEM part last summer. Here's a pic with the new lever and my "other" old Honda, it's an 84 V65 Magna. I bought it new - still perfect with 50k on it.