We will try our best to answer any questions emailed to us. If we get enough questions will we add a categorized question and answer log to this website. There are also many Honda knowledgeable people available on the web. Some of the best are listed below.

Technical tips and articles:

Great tires for your classic restoration or road racer

Why is it running rich? or, all good things come to an end

Great Sources of Information:

honda305.com - A website dedicated to 305's. Lots of Good, free information and technical forum.

Yahoo honda305 user group - You have to join but it is free. Excellant source, question and answer format.

Vintagehonda.com The new "Mr Honda", definitive restoration and repair guides for a price.


Classic Japanese Motorcycle Club - Membership fee.

Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club - Membership fee.

Wiring Diagrams:


British Bikes: