Jim's CB77 Racer nears completion 9/14/2013

Jim is almost done with his retro racer. Click here or on the photo to see many more detailed pictures.

Jim's CB77 Racer

Jim is making progress on recreating his 60's vintage CB77 racer. The pictures below show the custom upper steering yoke, tank, and engine mock up. Check out those Amals. For more information contact Jim (jimw@santaclarahonda.com)

Click on the images below for a larger image

Transistorized Ignition Update: 3/22/2010

It has taken a long time but we have finally completed the testing process and are ready to recommend these units with 100% confidence. Some very difficult to find problems with the test vehicle had made it impossible to evaluate the transistorized system and had even made the new system suspect. It turned out these problems had nothing to do with the transistorized ignition system. For a more detailed description of the problem see the page titled Why is it running rich or, all good things come to an end. We currently have the system installed on a rather tired CL175 that shows a little smoke in the exhaust when run hard. The bike still starts promptly and has improved throttle response using the TI system. We couldn't be happier. More information and background is available the page titled Transistorized Ignition for all old Hondas.

If you have an interest in trying on of these systems visit the Kirk Engines website.

22 March 2010

New Tires for old Hondas

Moto Amore in Santa Clara, CA. has become a distributor for Heidenau Tires. These are made in Germany and available in 18 and 19 inch, 2.75 to 4.00 sizes.

Moto Amore http://www.moto-amore.com/ (scroll down)
2983 Lafayette St.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
PH: 1-408-295-3004

1 November 2009

Custom Transmission??

Saw this advertised on Craigslist and could resist posting it. Check out what this the unique transmission can do with ease.

1983 cb1000 custom cruiser. 5speed transmission with overdrive giving you 10 speeds. Runs Prefect. Shits through all gears with ease. Strong Motor. Smooth cruiser....

6 November 2008

Super Super Hawk?

Now here is something I would have never thought of.

11 September 2008

Santa Clara Honda Lives Again

Jim and I were talking the other day, lamenting the passing of those good old days when motorcycles weighed less than 500 lbs and the average shade tree mechanic could maintain his bike. We had both worked at a long defunct Honda shop and remembered some of characters that had crossed our paths. Like the guy on the 150 Dream who wore a long white scarf and thought he was Marlon Brando or the crazy redhead who would demonstrate his talents by wheel standing his CB77 down the busy four lane road in front of the shop at night. After a good laugh, we thought it would be fun to resurrect the old shop, virtually, with the help of the internet.

We’re not sure what this site should be but we though it should be for like minded riders. So if you have an interest, an old Honda, or a great story, send us an email. Pictures and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We’d like to feature your stories, rides, pictures, advise, and questions on the website. Please only send us items that have your consent to be published here.

8 September 2008