Tires for Your Classic Honda?

The question I have been asked the most over the past couple of years is where can I get tires for my CB.. or CA..? There haven't been many choices. More often than not you had to settle for some Chinese tires of unknown quality.

A couple of days ago I dropped off my wife's Vespa LX150 of at Moto Amore for some needed service (Yes, my wife drives a Vespa and loves it!). Moto Amore is also the Heidenau tire distributor for the USA. Heidenau is a city in the former East Germany, a few miles southwest of Dresden. If you can read German, their website is at the Heidenau USA site is at . After discussing the needed service for the Vespa, John Bettencourt, the owner of Moto Amore, took me to the backroom to show me some recently arrived tires from Heidenau. He had some very good looking street tires including a semi-ribbed 2.75-18 front and 3.00-18 and 3.25-18 rear. What really knocked my socks off though, was the road racing tires in the perfect size for my CB77 Superhawk. Not only do these tires look great but they promise to supplement the performance the CB77 is famous for.

Street Tires:(click on the image for a larger version)

Performance Tires:

Heidenau Tires USA Contact Info:

Moto Amore - John Bettencourt
2983 Lafayette St.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Tuesday-Saturday, 10-6pm PST
Closed Sunday and Monday
PH: 1-408-295-3004
Fax: 1-408-982-9509